Academic Monitoring Cell

Dr. (Mrs.) S. N. Rao ,
Associate Professor,
Applied Chemistry

Academic Monitoring Committee
  • Dr. (Mrs.) S. N. Rao - Dean
  • Mr. G. P. Lakhawat - Member
  • Mrs. M. A. Chandak - Member
  • Ms. Seema Wasnik - Member
  • Mr. N. S. Puri - Member
  • Dr. V. P. Bhange - Member
  • Mr. S. S. Giri - Member
  • Ms. H. B. Sarvaiyya - Member
  • Ms. S. R. Khare - Member
  • Ms. Uma Thakur - Member
  •           The duty of the Dean (Academics) is to ensure and promote the academic quality, integrity, and effectiveness of teaching- learning process. The teaching-learning process aims at achieving not only professional/academic development of the students but also their overall personality.
              Before the commencement of academic session, action plans are discussed with the Principal and Heads of various departments for delivering effective teaching learning process. Once the academic session is in full swing and all the laid action plans are being followed, the academic monitoring committee reviews the effectiveness of these action plans as well as suggest measures for improvement.
              The Broad functions of the Academic Monitoring Committee are to monitor:
    1. The progress of the coverage of the syllabus of each class.
    2. The overall attendance of the students of each class.
    3. Result analysis at the end of each semester.
    4. Ensuring the adherence to the dates mentioned in the academic calendar for conducting various activities by each department.