Canteen and Hygiene Maintenance

Objectives   :

The objectives behind creation of Canteen and Hygiene maintenance cell are:
      1.    To implement measures to sensitize the students on ill effects of junk food.
      2.   To provide good nutrition, safe and hygienic food in college campus.
      3.   To assist college canteens to provide food consistent with the Indian dietary Guidelines.
      4.   To provide nutrition information and resources to college canteen .
      5.   To provide refreshment facilities to college staff, volunteers and college students.

According to the guidelines received, as per the registration no. 4924,14260,28589,D.O.No.14-24/2016 (CPP-II)dated on 23/12/2016,16/12/16,17/11/16,10,11/16 from RTMNU,DTE,MH GOVT.,UGC. Respectively , we have issued the order to ban the junk-food in the campus premises.

Commitee Structure   :

1) Prof. N. N. Chandel - Co-Ordinator

2) Prof. S. Wasnik - Member

3) Prof. S. Khare - Member

Registration Certificate - Food Safety and Standard Act 2006