College Website Maintenance and Upkeeping Team

Objectives :

The objectives behind creation of college website is to provide its visitors with:

  • The basic information about the Sanstha, college and its various Departments.
  • To share the information about activities conducted in college.
  • To provide updates about recent happenings in the college like Sports, Cultural activities.
  • To have a public paltform through which any infromation about Admission procedure, Students verification, Alumni, etc can obtained from respective incharges.
  • As per the guidelines of BCUD with reference to letter they received from Govt. Of Maharashtra (letter no. CS/Gen/38/16/CFR/2045) dated 22/07/2016 it was instructed to all the colleges that a team must be formed to look into the matter of designing, developing, updating and maintaining the website of respective colleges. The team mentioned below has been constituted for the same by college:

    Sn. Team Members Contact Number
    1 Mr.H.V.Taiwade (Incharge) 9766632656
    2 Mr.S.Giri (Mech) 9970504411
    3 Mr.P.Govardhan (CSE) 9923738489
    4 Ms. A. Kale (EnC) 9823014573
    5 Ms.P.Zungare (FY) 9850599780
    6 Mrs. R. Nimbalkar (Chem) 8989002663
    7 Dr. S. Suke (Bio) 8087960286
    8 Mr. K. Bodhe (CT) 9028900915
    9 Mr. S. Kumbhare (IT) 9860595246