Cultural & Sports Activity

Sports Officer
Mr. Manoj Ambadkar,
Assistant Professor,
Physical Education

Sport Coordinator
Mr. A. C. Kailuke ,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Electronics & Comm. Engineering

Sport Co-Coordinator
Mr. M. Shriramwar,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering

About Sports Facility

PIET Nagpur has substantial infrastructure for sports and other extracurricular activities including swimming pool, athletics, basketball, cricket, volleyball, football, table tennis, badminton, yoga and meditation, etc.
PIET students are participating in various events organized by R.T.M.N.U. Nagpur University every year.

Objectives :

1. To assist the students to develop communication skills, organizational skills, tolerance to criticism, positive attitudes, leadership, capacity for mingling and getting-on with peers of different mentalities, etc.
2. To develop a holistic and humanitarian attitude as members of the world community in this era of globalization and modernization by learning aspects of Indian as well as western cultures.
3. To encourage the budding Professionals to exhibit their talents in Technical & Cultural activities like elocution, debate, essay writing, quiz, paper presentation, singing, acting, fine arts,etc.
4. To undertake comprehensive community development programmes through various cultural activities that promote India's common cultural heritage.
5. Community development through various extension activities.
6. To explore the hidden talent of rural students in performing art.
7. Organization of film appreciation workshops to develop interest in film appreciation among students.
8. To make available stage for rural students.
9. To encourage students for participation in various competitions. To enrich personality and building of self confidence in students.
10. To develop the appreciation skills as well as performance in different forms of art.
11. To establish and coordinate different activities indoor and outdoor games
12. To provide systematic and scientific knowledge to convey exercise regimes
13. To develop correct health habits
14. Elimination of worries and habits of engaging in exercise and sports
15. Attainment of knowledge of proper health procedure as related to physical exercise
16. Activities involving participation in sports.

PIET Sports Report