Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology. Nagpur Enhancing Green Economy in 3 countries of Asia funded by European Union

The project aims in supporting sustainable development and transition towards Green Economy through Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) of three developing countries of Asia: India, Nepal and Kyrgyzstan. In order to make the project completely sustainable, Higher Educational Institute have spotlight as catalyst for green initiative ,as they train young creative minds, who will bring transitional change towards green economy process in future.

Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur, is one of the beneficiary to receive a grant of Rs. 54 Lakhs for this project. The principle project consortium is consisting of people from five European countries, namely Germany, Poland, Norway, Cyprus, and Latvia and three Asian countries, namely, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, and India . The Asian countries will work on the gaps of sustainable development and green economy in the area of Higher Education Institutions of their countries. It includes a deep analysis of the green content in their higher education curricula, workshops for developing green modules which can be adapted quickly by educational programs in various fields . The team will work on marketing and dissemination of concepts and solutions of green economy which will affect many groups of people, in HEIs or in lifelong learning, for society.

Dr. Vivek Nanoti , Principal , is Team leader for the project along with team Dr. M. A. Soni-Project Co-ordinator, Dr. S. R. Mote, Dr. V. P. Bhange , Dr. A.P. Kopulwar, Mrs Swapna Ghatole, Mrs. Rashmi Nimabalkar attended various training programs at Mumbai, Nepal, Poland and Latvia.

The most innovative aspect of the project is to establishment of Green Lab which is funded by European Union (EU) in order to design and construct digital repositories for running an online courses and spreading green initiatives in all sectors of society with effective academic and social linkage.

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Training Programme Attended

"A green economy begins to replace some of the clunking and chugging of ugly machines with the wise effort of beautiful, skilled people. That means more jobs."
-Van Jones