Grievances And Crisis Management

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Students/ Faculty/ Stakehodlers,

           As per the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), Government of India as well as AICTE rules, we have a very user-friendly structured mechanism for online registration as well as of disposal for Grievances of Students/ Faculty/ Stakehodlers is in place. Institution, Authorities and the committee members ensures the speedy redressal of all the grievances uploaded on the given link above. Just click on the link to submit your grievance details in the form.
           The online monthly status report regarding the online grievances received, disposed off and pending as on the last day of every month is informed to AICTE.

Objectives :

           Every organization must evolve a system for redressal of public grievances arising from its work. Grievance redressal mechanism should form an integral part of the machinery of any organization. No organization can claim to be accountable, responsible and user friendly unless it has established an efficient and effective grievance redressal system. In fact, the grievances redressal mechanism of an organization is the guage to measure its efficiency and effectiveness at it provides important feedback on the working of the organization. It helps the organization to deliver quality service to the public and other stakeholders in a hassle free manner and in eliminating the cause of grievances.

Sn. Team Members Commitee Designation
1 Dr. V. M. Nanoti Chairman
2 Dr. G. M. Asutkar Co-Chairman
3 Dr. R. L. Himte Coordinator
4 Mr. Himanshu V. Taiwade Member
5 Dr. S. B. Deshpande Member
6 Dr. S. N. Rao Member
7 Dr. S. K. Deshmukh Member
8 Dr.P .S. Prasad Member
9 Dr. (Mrs.) M. A. Soni Member
10 Dr. S. A. Chaturvedi Member
11 Mrs. P. M. Chaudhari Member
12 Dr. M. A. Chandak Member
13 Dr. S. D. Jain Member
14 Dr. M. S. Barahate Member
15 Dr. R. A. Puranik Member