Knowledge Centre

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Inauguration of new premise of Knowledge Center 12 March 2018
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New Premise of Knowledge Center
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Our inspiration Dr. Satish Chaturvedi, Honourable Chairman, LTJSS
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Inauguration of new premise of Knowledge Center
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What is it ?
Knowledge center is a proactive initiative that aims to develop a knowledge based approach among students by conveying how knowledge promises enjoyment, employment, empowerment and enlightenment of learners. Enjoyment comes because the pursuit of knowledge involves the thrill of exploring and the joy of understanding. Employment and empowerment are ensured because almost all the existing and new industries are based on the application of knowledge. Enlightenment is a result of appreciation of the unending depth and breadth of knowledge.

How it differs from education center ?
Whereas education center aims at covering the syllabi and learning for examinations and degrees, knowledge center aims at uncovering and discovering the syllabi and learning for knowledge.

Who can be a learner in knowledge center ?
Anyone with ignorance and curiosity, i.e., one who doesn’t know and desires to know, can be a learner in this knowledge center.

How can you participate / contribute ?
You can participate / contribute in several ways. A few of them are :

  • by asking questions that make you curious under curiosity corner,
  • by showing interest in how things work under knowledge café
  • by asking a doubt in a taught topic under knowledge clinic
  • by sharing / discussing knowledge oriented learning material / resources
  • by participating / contributing to research undertaken in knowledge center

Curiosity Corner
Under this activity you can ask queries that arouse your natural curiosity. The queries will then be solved by the experts through appropriate explanation / discussion. This promotes the spirit of enquiry and facilitates curiosity based learning.

Knowledge Cafe
Under this activity you can know about how the knowledge earned by you is applied in industry and is helpful in building your future career thus bringing to fore the routes from classroom learning to the world of work. This promotes the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Knowledge Clinic
Under this activity you can get need based guidance from experts through mutual interaction. The activity devotes to removing misconceptions and clarifying concepts not properly understood by you in the classroom environment. This promotes the spirit of guided self learning.

Learning Material
Knowledge oriented learning material, which can facilitate open and flexible learning, is a primary resource in knowledge center. Apart from knowledge oriented books few examples of such a resource are :

Material developed in the form of

  • Interesting stories and anecdotes about scientists and their discoveries
  • Convincing examples
  • Innovative applications
  • Research motivations
  • Self learning modules
  • Interactive learning tools

The research undertaken in the knowledge center pertains mainly to development of knowledge resources and to how the science and engineering education of India can be reformed through implementation of knowledge reforms.

Benefits of Knowledge Center

  • Internalization of knowledge
  • Resonance Between the Driver and the Driven
  • Turning out ‘Triers and Achievers’ Instead of ‘Winners and Losers’
  • Adjustable Goals, Right Combination of Ambitious and Relaxed Attitude
  • Non Bureaucratic but Transparent Working
  • Facilitation of Learning Through Links, Development of Insights
  • Development of Ability to Read Between the Lines and Understand Subtleties
  • Gaining Hands on Experience, Building Entrepreneurship skills
  • Building Modesty and Wisdom through Knowledge

Outputs of Knowledge Center

  • Publication of Research Papers in Journals
  • Publication of Articles in Periodicals
  • Presentation of Papers in Seminars / Workshops / Research Competitions
  • Preparation of a Thesis / Dissertation on the Topic of One’s Interest
  • Development of New and Innovative Projects and Presentation to the Interested Audience
  • Acquiring and Demonstrating New Skills
  • Excellent / Meritorious Grades

Knlwledge Center At A Glance