Professional Societies

CSI - Computer Society of India

Faculty Incharge:
Prof. Uma K. Thakur,
Assistant Professor,
Computer Sci. & Engineering

About the Society :

The Computer Society of India is a non-profit professional meet to exchange views and information learn and share ideas. The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of theory and practice of Computer Engineering and Technology Systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and related Arts and Sciences.

The Society also encourages and assists professionals to maintain integrity and competence of the profession and fosters a sense of partnership amongst members. Besides the activities held at the Chapters and Student Branches, the Society also conducts periodic conferences, seminars.

Website of the Society:

Computer Society of India is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March 1965 by a few computer professionals and has now grown to be the national body representing computer professionals. It has 71 chapters across India, 418 student branches, and more than 90,000 members.Computer Society of India regularly organizes workshops, seminars conventions, and technical talks for the benefit of professionals and users of IT apart from conducting continuing education and professional development programmes for a focussed audience of budding professionals, researchers and students. The CSI Annual Conventions are held in different cities across India.

Aims and Objectives of the Society :

The mission of the CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. The CSI is also working closely with other industry associations, government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of IT advancement ultimately percolate down to every single citizen of India.

Computer Society of India regularly organizes workshops, seminars conventions, and technical talks for the benefit of professionals and users of IT apart from conducting continuing education and professional development programmes for a focussed audience of budding professionals, researchers and students.

CSI Student branch provides an opportunity for students to begin networking in their area of interest and future profession. A group of enthusiasts were brought together and entrusted upon thriving vision to form an active and successful student chapter of CSI. We envision to serve, inspired and get inspired to change our community and cultivate our fellow engineers in their relative engineering fields through interactive learning, various projects/ workshop and technical visits that will help them to gain a better understanding of the professional environments and technical progress and enable their careers.

Installation of CSI Students Chapter 2018

IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Prof.(Mrs.) G. P. Halde,
Assistant Professor,
Electronics & Comm. Engineering.

About the Society :

IEEE is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a non profit making organization dedicated to advancing technology for benefit of humamity. IEEE has a worlswide network through its geographical regions, Sections and subsections. There are total 10 regions of operation, out of which Asia -Pacific region is a large geographic region having around 90 sections, subsections and councils. IEEE tries to serve for technology advancing through its various societies and chapters.

IEEE student branch is a small functional unit of the main organization and can be formed at any educational institute to serve IEEE student members. IEEE student branch at our college was established in december 2011 and catering its services to Electronics & Communication engg, Computer science engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering as allied branches. EEE student branch gives a annual student membership at $27 and annual professional membership at $81. IEEE student branch functions through the core committee comprising of IEEE student members formed every year. The branch has so far conducted workshops on basic and advanced robotics, Ethical Hacking , FPGA based system design. Also we had a robotics workshop as a prelim round for techfest at IIT Bombay.The branch has taken initiative to organise various Bombay section actitvities like SKEP and DL.IEEE cell also has deputed our students and faculty members for Branch Counselor and Branch Chair meet at S.B.Jain Institute of Technology, Nagpur.

Objectives of IEEE :
  • Create more student membership benefits at all IEEE levels.
  • Develop student activities (including contests, awards and promotion programs) and encourage students to participate in these activities and represent themselves in the global copetition.
  • Foster Student Members' awareness of IEEE activities and existing benefits.
  • Represent student interests and voice student concerns.
  • Help with communication between existing Branches, Chapters, and Affinity Groups.
  • Increase student membership and develop retention strategies
  • Tasks Done :
    1. Guest lecture series SKEP by IEEE Bombay section.
    2. Distinguish lectures by Dr. Monai Krairiksh, Bangkok.
    3. Workshop on Advance Robotics by Pawankumar Suryawanshi, Paris.
    4. Robozest by Robospecies Technology, New Delhi for IIT Techfes.
    5. Every year NCOAT Nirmiti is conducted under the banner of IEEE student branch.
    6. Similarly many workshops, departmental competitions, guest lectures conducted under branch activity.
    Commitee Members :

    IEEE-PIET Coordinator : Prof. G. P. Halde

    Sn. Name of Student Department Post Contact No.
    1 Ms.Sayali Pandit ECE Branch Chair 8830943277
    2 Mr. Gaurav Khotpal ECE Organizing Secretary 8149643828
    3 Mr.Vivek Rahangdale ECE Students Activities Chair 8483945687,
    Activities Conducted under IEEE :

    Event : Guest lecture series by IEEE and IETE      Date : 30 August-31 August 2018     Co-ordinator : Prof.(Mrs) G. P. Halde,  Prof.(Mrs) S. I. Parihar

    IEEE Major Events

    Distinguished Lecture by Monai Krairiksh , Professor, King Mongkuts University, Bangkok

    Nagpur subsection Execom and branch counselors meeting

    IEEE Bombay Section SKEP 2016

    Challeneges in Implementation of 5G Networks in India Bombay Section Technically Sponsored STTP

    IEEE Day Celebration

    IEEE Day Celebration

    IEEE Day Celebration

    ISTE - Indian Society for Technical Education

    Mr. Himanshu V. Taiwade,
    Assistant Professor, & Head
    Department of Computer Technology

    About the Society :

    The Indian-society for Technical Education is a national, professional, non-profit making society register under the Socities Registration Act of 1860. First started in 1941 as the association of Principal of Technical Institution (APTI), later it was converted into Indian Society for Technical Education in 1968 with a view to enlarge its activities to advance the cause of technological education.

    The major objectives of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production and developement of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organizations. Being the only national organization of educators in the field of Engineering and Technology, ISTE effectively contributes in various missions of the Union Government. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, CTE/DST/MIT/State Govts. Are well associated with the ISTE for programs related to technical education.

    Objectives of ISTE :
  • To formulate the general goals and responsibilities of Technical Education.
  • To adjust curriculum and educational processes to changing conditions.
  • To improve instructional methods, practices and administrative usages.
  • To enhance professional ideals and standards.
  • To bring about effective linkage between technical institutions, industry and society.
  • Tasks Done :
      As we organised so many different activities for the personal and technical growth of faculty and students are as follows:
    1. STTP on Smart Antenna System including One Day Industrial Visit at RTTC, Nagpur.
    2. STTP on "Application of Advanced Research Tools used in Mechanical Engineering" 20-26 April 2016.
    3. STTP on "Outcome Based Approach to Teaching, Learning & Assessment in Engineering Education for Accreditation" 13-17 Dec 2016.
    4. Three days workshop on Digital VLSI design 9-11 Sep 2014.
    5. "E-Blast" intra college bread board competition, paper presentation, debate, group discussion and quiz competition for ECE students.
    6. Various Guest Lectures/Seminars.
    7. Industrial Training.
    8. Workshops and hands on training on latest technology for grooming.

    IETE - Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

    Prof. (Mrs.) S. I. Parihar,
    Assistant Professor,
    Electronics & Comm. Engineering.

    About the Society :

    The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India's leading recognised professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication & IT. Founded in 1953. The IETE is the National Apex Professional body of Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science and IT Professionals. It serves more than 1, 25,000 members (including Corporate, Student and ISF members) through various 64 Centres, spread all over India and abroad. The Institution provides leadership in Scientific and Technical areas of direct importance to the national development and economy. Government of India has recognised IETE as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) and also notified as an educational Institution of national eminence. The objectives of IETE focus on advancing electro-technology. The IETE conducts and sponsors technical meetings, conferences, symposia, and exhibitions all over India, publishes technical journals and provides continuing education as well as career advancement opportunities to its members.

    The IETE focuses on advancement of the Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication, Computers, Information Technology and related areas. Towards this end the Institution promotes and conducts basic engineering and continuing technical education programmers for human resource development.

    Objectives of IETE Student Forum :
  • Improving standard of Engineering Education.
  • Counseling the students in the emerging new opportunities.
  • Encouraging and motivating the outside Class room studies /Work shops/projects/Seminars.
  • Increasing the student base and Corporate membership of IETE.
  • Tasks Done :
    1. The IETE Nagpur Centre organized a quiz competition on "Communication and Space Technology" for ISF members as well as for other diploma
    2. ISF at PIET, Nagpur, conducted a "E-Blast 2016-17" intra college bread board competition, paper presentation, debate, and quiz competition for ECE students.
    3. The IETE Nagpur Centre organized a quiz competition on "Internet of Things (IOT)" for ISF members as well as for other diploma colleges & Engg colleges in 2015.
    4. ISF at PIET, Nagpur, conducted a "E-Blast 2015-16" intra college bread board competition, paper presentation, debate, and quiz competition for ECE students.
    5. ISF at PIET, Nagpur conducted a three day workshop on "Microcontroller Based Project Development" workshop for Diploma students during Jan 29-31, 2014.
    6. The IETE Nagpur center organized a seminar on "Career Prospectus beyond Engineering" at Krishna, Level 3 seminar Hall, behind IT Park, Nagpur.
    7. The ISF organized 3 days hands on workshop on "Digital VLSI Design Using FPGA" on Sep 1st to 3rd, 2014 with the speakers: Mr. Raj Vardhan, Director, JDM Design Technology Nagpur.
    Commitee Members :

    IETE-PIET Coordinator : Prof. (Mrs.) S. I. Parihar

    Sn. Name of Student Department Post Contact No.
    1 Ms. Babli Sahu ECE President 9960227018
    2 Ms. Prachi Modak ECE Vice- President 8237440152
    3 Mr. Saurav Pandey ECE Core Committee 9123125559
    4 Ms.Bhagyashree Khandate ECE Core Committee 9518733759
    Activities Conducted under IETE :

    Event Name : Online Quiz Competition on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Organised
    Date : 4th Sep, 2018
    Co-ordinator : Prof.(Mrs) S. I. Parihar